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Can I Put Any Type Of Engine Into Any Type Of Car?

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A car’s engine is like the heart. This is because all other car functions originate from the engine. The engine converts heat from burning gas to the force that turns the wheels on the road. To be able to accommodate the heavy workload, the engine needs to have enough power. The engine consists of two … Read more

Can The Aluminum Block An Engine Crack?


Aluminum blocks are popularly known for their stock and performance applications. The engine block consists of metal made of aluminum. Inside the engine block is a cylinder that is round in shape and smooth to enable the pistons to move with ease. To avoid friction, the cylinder is lubricated with oil. Because of all this … Read more

What is the Difference Between an LS1 and LS2 Engine?

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The LS series is a family of engines that are similar to each other. The LS1 and LS2 engines share a lot and have the same architect. LS is a small-block V8 engine used in general motors line of performance vehicles. Engines are measured by displacement, which is expressed in liters or cubic inches. The … Read more

What Does LS Stand For in Chevrolet Engines?

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The LS engine series debuted in the year 1997 and its manufacturer, General Motors, referred to the first model as Gen III Small-Block. Here, the iron-block version was used in trucks while the all-aluminum LS1 used in the new C5 Corvette. The LS engine series can be referred to as a new design meant for … Read more

Why is the LS Engine So Popular?

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Chevrolet first introduced the LS1 engine in 1997 as part of their release of the new C5 Corvettes. Iron had previously appeared throughout Chevy’s V8 series engines. The LS1 engine making its first appearance in 1997 was Versatile, Lightweight, and extremely powerful. It’s lightweight design was about 85 lbs lighter than any of the iron … Read more