Performance LS Engine Builds

A performance engine is any engine built with horsepower increasing internal parts. There are multiple types of performance builds. 

Mild Performance LS Engines

A mild performance build, which is the most common, is a build where the engine performance is increased without having to change rotating assembly parts to support the increased power level of that engine. Mild performance LS engines would work for any vehicle that you would like increased horsepower in. These engines are commonly used in engine swaps (cars, trucks, and boats). 

Benefits of Mild Performance LS Engines 

Mild performance engines offer some benefits over stock and high performance engines. Mild performance engines will not require higher octane fuel like some high performance engines, this will save you money at the pump. Another benefit of a mild performance engine is it will have noticeably more power than a stock engine while staying reliable, fuel efficient, and budget friendly. 

Used v8 engine with eight cylinders suspended mounted on a crane for overhaul repair and installation on a car after a breakdown in the vehicle workshop. Auto service industry. –°ylinder scratches.

High Performance LS Engines 

A high performance engine build is less common. Generally speaking, any engine that requires stronger than stock internals to support its power levels is considered a high performance engine. Although there are many levels of high performance builds this is the most generic description. These engines are generally used for sports cars, track cars, dragsters, or high performance boats.

Benefits of High Performance LS Engines 

High performance engines offer some benefits over mild performance and stock engines. High performance engines are extremely strong, they will take a beating and be able to handle just about anything you can throw at it. You will be able to rev them higher, make much more power, and have more fun with a high performance engine compared to stock or a mild performance engine.