About Marv LS Engines

I, Marvin Ellis, Jr. was born in California but raised in Jackson, NJ.  My journey and passion for motorsports started at the age of 3 when I received my first motorcycle.  In fact, I started racing motocross by the age of 4.  The rest is history and in 2018 I turned pro. 

My love for racing and engines only grew over time and I began working on car engines at the age of 13 and soon I was spending all my free time under cars, bikes, and even working part time for a local auto shop in Freehold, NJ.  In high school, I was the only one in my school who actually spent half the day at a Auto Mechanics School perfecting my craft and obtaining my certifications.

With years of mechanics under my belt my love for Chevy Engines only grew stronger due to my fascination of the Corvette. Sharing my enthusiasm with other motor heads and auto enthusiasts.  I now spend most of my spare time working on LS Engines and growing my business.  There is nothing better than loving what you do for work, and I certainly do.  I am never in a rush because I love my work.  In fact, it is not work for me, it is fun and exciting.

When I am not working on engines or riding motocross, you may find me fishing with my dad or shooting.   

Marvin 20 years old

Marvin Ellis Jr., Owner

My message to anyone considering a motor rebuild with me…. “I am here to help.  Whatever your budget is, I will do my best to help you build the motor of your dreams.  I love what I do and it shows in every LS Engine build. I look forward to serving you!”

The above images show my love for my sport and winning never ends.  My passion for motocross that I have had since I was 4 years old, I bring to my love of LS engine building today.  I am now going on 20 years of Motocross riding and building LS engines is my next great adventure.  While I still race professionally, it is supported by my love of LS Engine building.  So, my life is surrounded by vehicles, engines, and horsepower day and night.  I actually pretend in my mind that the engine I am working on will go in one of my vehicles. 

Every customer will have my personal cell phone and can follow-up at any time.  This is because, if i was the customer, I would want to be able to check up on the status of my engine as well.  In other words, I treat you the way I like to be treated.  I’m not satisfied until you are.  Please contact me anytime to discuss your LS Engine project.

Santana Davidson (right), Manager of Marv LS Engines

Santana Davidson, Manager

One of the nicest and sincerest guys you will ever meet, Santana David is a huge part of the Marv LS Engines team.  He was born and raised in Curacao (a small island north of Venezuela and next to Aruba). Santana brings an awesome perspective and unique talent to Marv LS Engines.  At the tender age of 6, Santana moved to Europe (Holland) to begin his formal education where he studied multiple disciplines including the culinary arts. 

Due to his travels, education and life experiences Santana speaks an incredible 4 languages fluently (Spanish, English, Dutch, and Papiamento). His combination of intense education and real world experiences professionally brings “the street” level excitement and edge to Marv LS Engines as well.  His enthusiasm for cars, racing, and anything to do with horsepower or high performance delivers excitement and focus to every project.   

His love for street bikes, car racing, and other motorsports has now got him looking under the hood and turning wrenches while also keeping a keen eye on the business side of things as well.    While, now over 38 years old, he doesn’t race street bikes anymore, or work as a bouncer at the largest club in Curacao, the flame for excitement still burns bright.  In fact, he just finished assisting managing and promoting a major motion picture in Curacao prior to the crazy Covid lock downs.   

Having met Marvin Ellis in Curacao on a family vacation 2017. Although oceans apart, the amount they had in common was incredible despite the age gap and they stayed in close contact with each other.  Racing, motorcycles, cards, engines, and more was all it took to create a lifelong bond.  Covid was devastating to the island and Marvin extended the opportunity to come to America and combine their passion and talents and grow the business together.  Growing a quality business takes more than just working in the business day after day.  It takes passion, insight, customer service, and commitment.  Santana is proud to bring all of these traits to the table and more.

Morgan Solomon, Business Manager for Marv LS Engines

Morgan Solomon, Business Manager

Morgan brings many ingredients necessary for a new start-up operation to succeed and grow in such a competitive market.  Her education coupled with her energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail, and excellent management skills gives the support needed for our business to thrive.  Invoicing, supplier follow-up, deadlines, and customer service are areas that Morgan not only excels in but enjoys.   Working with suppliers, negotiating for lower prices on the most quality parts is, for instance, one of her favorite duties.  “Saving the customer money by bringing our costs down allows us to deliver excellence at the most competitive prices”, she often says.

Morgan was born in Louisiana, raised in North Carolina, and now lives in Colorado.   She grew up cheering and competing in competitions all over the East Coast. After moving on from the cheerleading program, she became a cheer coach for 3 years while starting her college journey.  Through her travels, she attended 3 different Universities and recently completed her Bachelor Degree of Science at The University of North Carolina Wilmington.  All of these experiences bring a positive attitude, excellent education, and hard work ethic to Marv LS Engines that is a true strength to the company.  

When she is not busy with bookkeeping, accounting, and customer service, she enjoys traveling throughout Central America, Europe, and all over the United States. She will admit, she is a bit of a motorhead as well and has been around motocross racing since her childhood, love riding (and she is pretty good too) and now is stoked to bring all of this and more to the Marv LS Engine team.