Stock LS Engine Builds

Stock LS Engines

A stock engine is an engine that is built with all OEM engine components. There is not any performance parts in a stock engine. These engines are generally used as replacement engines, or for LS engine swaps on a budget. The LS series engines in stock form are one of the best engines in existence, and for most people have enough power for what they need. For others wanting more power out of their stock LS engine, a mild or high Performance LS engine would be more suitable.

Although stock engines are not fast right out of the box, LS engines have a ton of aftermarket support. It is easy to turn a stock LS engine int a mild performance engine if you want added power in the future.

Benefits of Stock LS Engines

Although not power wise, Stock engines provide some benefits over mild performance, and high performance engines. Stock engines are extremely reliable, many bone stock LS engines have made it well past 300,000 miles with proper maintenance. Stock Ls engines also do not require higher octane fuel, this will save you money each time you fill up.